USUDA Meeting Notes

Most Recent Meeting

USUDC 2015 Anchorage


  1. Open the Meeting
  2. A brief explanation of the voting process: David Register
  3. A brief update on 2016 Morehouse USUDC: Ken Newby
  4. Any announcements of bidding for USUDC 2017
    1. No formal voting until 2016 Morehouse USUDC
    2. All bids to be emailed to Steve Johnson and Rob Ruiz by March24, 2016 and bids will be posted March 25, 2016 per III-A, sect. 3
  5. New Order of Business
    1. Revote on international teams breaking-Rob Ruiz
    2. Scope of USUDC- David Register
    3. Regional BP Championships-John Adams
    4. Bids? Regions constituted? Reside? Declare regional?
    5. Use codes in place of school names-Eric Barnes
    6. Rules and Organization Appendix-SWP
  6. Position Status on Advisory Council
    1. Bid Coordinator: Steve Johnson/Rob Ruiz
    2. Parliamentarian: John Patrick
    3. Education Director: Steve Llano/John Patrick
    4. Public Relations Coordinator: SWP
  7. Closed Till Morehouse 2016
  8. Motion to end?

Meeting Outcomes
Agenda Items 1-5 Covered Saturday, April 11
Voted in: International teams may compete, but may not break.
Voted down: International Teams may not compete. International teams may break. Whether international teams break/compete should be discretion of the bid.
Tabled For Wider Internet Discussion & Vote: School Codes & Appendix to Rules.

Meeting Audio
Part 1

Part 2

Vote in online poll regarding rules and school codes here

Past Meetings

USUDC 2014 Purdue

Caveat: The executive committee of USUDA confirmed “me,” Rob Ruiz, as mtg. facilitator so I agreed to help. Here is the first of our minutes, which the Parliamentarian will now take over, as this “growth” process begins. A huge thanks goes to David Register, Steve Llano, and Steve Johnson for their hard work towards this organizing committee.

Saturday 4/12/14
Time: Dinner before the break announcement (no exact time was recorded).

1. First order of business: The amendment of voting procedures. Parliamentarian (John Patrick) held online poll for USUDA members and closed voting. Passed by 12-member in person approval. Official voting now opens on all meeting agendas.
2. Motion to approve all items approved at Friday’s meeting to be upheld:
a. Alaska gets 2015 bid (no dissenters)
b. Voting for 2016 US NATS host will take place beginning on May 14 and ending on May 17th. The bid is between Morehouse and Ithaca, and both will be putting an online description of their bids (inclusive of dates, details, etc.) on the listserv, bp forum hosted by Sam Ward Packard from Yale, and the Facebook page. An online vote will be administered by the Parliamentarian John Patrick, and will be open to all universities and colleges that were in attendance at US NATS 2014 at Purdue University.
3. New item of business:
a. Bidding for US NATS will now be voted “one” year in advance, instead of the old procedure of “two” years. Institutions may declare 2 years in advance of bidding for USU NATS, but voting will occur one year in advance, in accordance with USUDA voting procedures (same as this year, all in attendance of US NATS and online voting allowed).
b. Members of USUDA members voted to eliminate the position titled “Development Director” Coordinator.
c. Advisory Council was opened for volunteers on each position for USUDA members. This is open for a collaboration of individuals to work as a team. Continued interest in each position continues to be open for volunteers:
i. Bid coordinator (s): Steve Johnson (Alaska) & Rob Ruiz (La Verne)
ii. Parliamentarian: John Patrick (San Luis Obispo)
iii. Education Director (s): Steve Llano (St. Johns) & John Patrick (SLO)
iv. Public Relations Coordinator (s): Sam Ward Packard (Yale) & Brent Northup (Carroll).
4. Last order of business:
a. An individual to take minutes at each USU NATS meeting will rotate. However, described within the USADA membership, it is the role of the parliamentarian to take minutes. He can discuss this to be open.
5. Meeting Closed: motioned, seconded. CLOSED by Rob Ruiz until Alaska NATS, 2015