Web scrimmages

Modern technology allows students from all over the country to engage in intercollegiate debate without ever needing to leave their home campus. While Web scrimmaging will never offer the same kind of educational experience as in person debating, it offers a great opportunity for students to practice debating against a wider variety of teams to prepare their skills for tournament debating. People/Teams who are interested in Web scrimmaging can add their name and contact info to this spreadsheet using this form.

Equipment Recommendations
While you can use your computer’s integrated webcam, microphone and common conferencing software like Skype and FaceTime, other equipment is available to enhance your Web scrimmage experience. Our Education Directors have tested the equipment listed below, and found it of particularly high quality. While some of the equipment may be cost prohibitive for individual students, debate programs might want to consider making the investment in order to maximize opportunities for intercollegiate debating.

Conference Software

Conference equipment
Aver VC520

Yeti by Blue 
Snowball by Blue